The Draft

So far, the most complete game that I have worked on. It was a 8 month project, in which we made a VR strategy, fighting game.

Physics Model of a Boat in Water

Since Physics and Gameplay programming is my primary interest, I started working on this project to understand the nuances involved in going from raw math to application programming.

Data Driven Game Engine

A data driven game engine written in C++ 11 during my course at FIEA. Utilizes a custom XML scripting interface to build a game world with a game object hierarchy.

Ghost Chamber

Our attempt at recreating the JARVIS interface from Iron Man. We were only a few million Dollars of hologram short from recreating it.

Feed the Beast

Feed the Beast was a rapid prototype game, made using ActionScript 3.0 in Adobe Animate with a team of two programmers, two artists and one producer.