Gravity Gun Prototype UE4

As the title says, this is a prototype of the gravity gun from Half-Life 2, made using Unreal Engine 4.

Jumping right into it - The Gravity Gun is declared in the C++ class AGravityGun, which is derived from the AWeapon class. I made the AWeapon class so that it can be used for any weapons that I decide to prototype at a later date. It has two virtual overrideable methods that use the PURE_VIRTUAL decorator offered by UE4 C++ - Fire() and SecondaryFire(). Fire() is called from the player character BP_GordonFreeman when the left click is pressed and SecondaryFire() on right click. Any weapon derived from AWeapon can be picked up and dropped by BP_GordonFreeman using the E key.

The Gravity Gun itself works in the same manner as the original game, where right click pulls an object towards the gun and levitates it or ‘gravitizes’ it and left click launches it. Pressing the left click without anything levitating, shoots the beam. Pressing the right click when an object is already gravitized, drops it. The sound and particle effects systems are called from the corresponding functions themselves.

I also made an event handler UGlobalEventHandler that can be accessed from the global singleton static method AGameSingleton::GetEventHandler(), also accessible in blueprints. The primary purpose for using this was to update the crosshair in the GordonFreemanHUD. The crosshair changes when the gravity gun is equipped and highlights when a gravitizable object is in range.

Play Demo (Executable in Zip file)

Source Code